Skeleton Key is your Information Insurance Policy

Anything can happen to you, but you can control what happens to your data

Skeleton Key is in private beta

Comic: Questions? Here are some answers. Comic: What is this? This is Skeleton Key. Comic: Why would I share my secrets? You'd do it so important information is accessible to the people who need it, and only in the worst case scenario. Comic: So how's this work? In order for Skeleton Key to work, you need two people. Comic: Is this easy to use? Even for someone with limited technical skills? Yes. Comic: Skeleton Key works with your regular password manager, and isn't meant to replace it. Comic: Skeleton Key always works for you, not against you. And it works even when you're dead.

Security is Key

Skeleton Key takes all the steps necessary to ensure your secrets stay safe. Even in the unlikely event that our databases get compromised, your top secret information is encrypted to the specification that the NSA trusts to encrypt their own top secret information.

BYOK (Bring Your Own Key)

Your secret data is encrypted with your own key, which is never saved or logged. We literally lock up your data and throw away the key.

Advanced Encryption

Your secret data is encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES); random salts and IVs are generated for each record.

Encrypted Transmission

All of your information is sent between your browser and our servers with 2048bit SSL encryption.

Multi-factor Authentication

All users are required to authenticate using a combination of password, email, and text message every time they sign in.

Two-man Rule

Launching a nuclear missile requires that two people agree to turn their keys. Access to your secret data requires the same.

Authorization Notifications

You are notified whenever access to your secret data is requested, authorized, or de-authorized, by key holders and gatekeepers.

Double-blind Authorization

The identity of your key holders and gatekeeps are kept confidential. They are anonymous to each other, unless you inform them directly.

Built-in Subscription Extension

If your subscription lapses, your key holders and gatekeepers will be notified and your account will remain accessible for another 6 months.

Skeleton Key is in Private Beta

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